Find your Sweet Spot to achieve your riding goals

High Quality & Professional Bike Fitting

Riding in all of its awesome forms has both amazing physical and psychological benefits. Whether you ride for leisure, fitness or for a race victory, let me help you find your sweet spot.

Fitness Begining


Six years ago, Kyle’s wife Whitney signed them both up for a sprint triathlon in an attempt to get Kyle in good shape.

Kyle enjoyed riding bikes in his youth, but when he got on his first road bike for triathlon training, he was forever hooked on cycling. Since that first triathlon 6 years ago, Kyle has done many more sprint, olympic and half-ironman triathlons, century rides, and gran fondos such as the triple bypass in Colorado. Kyle also races his fat bike and next year will begin racing his mountain bike on the WORS circuit.





The Bike Shop


The love of bikes will bring you into a bike shop quite often.  Kyle met Dan at Lucky Brake two years ago and began working at the shop as a bike builder, eventually becoming a mechanic and working with sales.  Kyle attended Retul Level 1 bike fitting school in 2019 at Specialized in California and now is the owner of Sweet Spot Bike Fitting, performing professional bike fitting at Lucky Brake Bike Shop.



Word From Kyle

Bicycling is one of the most enjoyable and healthy hobbies in the world. It brings people together, motivates you to achieve new goals, and improves both physical and mental health. Many cyclists will find that they enjoy riding their bike but are uncomfortable after a certain amount of time or distance. That’s where I come in. My goal as a bike fitter is to fit the bike, not you. Whether you’re a brand new rider or a seasoned veteran rider, everyone can benefit from a bike fitting. I believe that the fitting experience is a partnership as feedback on feel and performance takes precedence over how you “should” look on a bike. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals and look forward to helping you get that “sweet spot” feeling on your bike.

Fit Menu


My Guarantee to YOU!

All fittings are guaranteed for a full year from the original fitting date. That means if something changes with your bike or body within a year of the fitting you can make an appointment to come in again FREE OF CHARGE to have your fit re-evaluated. Here in Illinois our outdoor riding season is limited so I want to make sure that you have the best season possible no matter what it takes!


Hybrid Bike Fitting – $90 (Aprox 45 minutes, new parts not included)

Are you just getting into cycling? Have you had a bike for a while and want to get back into riding and want to make sure you will ride injury free and comfortable? This fitting will help establish a solid base of getting you out riding comfortably.

  • Interview
  • Ischial Tuberosity Width measurement (Sit Bones)
  • Foot Structure Evaluation
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle Fore / Aft
  • Bar reach


Basic Fitting $180 (Aprox 2 hours, new parts not included)


The Basic Fitting is comprised of 2 main parts. The first part is an in-depth, pre-fit physical assessment on your body structure and anatomical ranges of motion.  This is crucial in a bike fitting as we are fitting the bike to how YOUR body works and moves comfortably. Measurements are documented so that when the bike is adjusted to you, your ranges of motion are not exceeded.

The second part is fitting the bike to YOUR body! This is done by taking measurements while you are sitting on the bike. The measurement style used is referred to as “Static Measuring” meaning measurements are taken while you hold various positions on the bike aiming for optimal ranges of power, efficiency and comfort. This method has been used for years and until recent improvements in bike fitting technology was the fitting protocol used from beginner cyclists to pros alike.



RETÜL Fitting for Road and Mountain Bikes $250 (Aprox 2-2.5 hours, new parts not included)

Whether you’re trying to resolve a nagging pain, looking for every crucial watt to get faster, or just want to be as comfortable as possible on your bike the RETÜL Bike fitting is for you!

Like the Basic Fitting the first part of the process is an in-depth pre-fit anatomical assessment. We look at your body structure as well as review of past injuries. This is crucial in a bike fitting as we are fitting the bike to how YOUR body works and moves comfortably. Measurements are documented so that when the bike is adjusted to you, your ranges of motion are not exceeded.

Next, we move to the bike and apply 8 LED markers on anatomical points of your body that will track and measure your movements on the RETÜL Vantage Motion Capture System. The RETÜL Vantage system is used to collect real-time, three-dimensional data from each pedal stroke creating a dynamic fit experience.

The real-time dynamic data is compiled into the RETÜL bike fit software so that the we can look at the numbers, which show degrees of movement that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and make adjustments to your bike based on the fit data, pre-fit physical assessment findings and your goals on the bike.

Bike fitting is a two-way street meaning feedback from the rider is the most valuable tool here. I’ll get your perfect fit by the numbers but with your help together we’ll find the “Sweet Spot”




  • Interview
  • Ischial Tuberosity Width
  • Forefoot Angulation
  • Foot Structure Evaluation
  • Level Pelvis
  • Forward Spinal Flexion
  • Hamstring Range of Motion
  • Hip Range of Motion
  • Ankle Range of Motion
  • One-Third Knee Bend





  • Saddle Selection
  • Cleat Placement & Rotation
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle Fore / Aft
  • Handlebar Width
  • Handlebar Reach & Drop
  • Bar Rotation and Lever Position
  • Hip Angle
  • Z – Plane Assessment
  • Arch Support
  • Forefoot Support
  • Stance Width
  • Follow – up


RETÜL Fitting for TT and Triathlon Bikes $275 (Aprox 2.5-3 hours, new parts not included)

Are you ready to set that new PR you’ve been chasing for your 40k Time Trial? Are you looking to get off the bike and smash the run feeling great in your upcoming triathlon season? Maybe you’re new to riding in the “aero-position” and want to make sure it’s set up right. This is the fitting for you!

All of the same steps RETÜL steps and procedures are completed as above but extra time is spent making sure the cockpit of your speed machine is as aero (and comfortable) as can be.



Other Services

Saddle Fitting- $50 ($25 with purchase of a new saddle from Lucky Brake)

Cleat Fitting- $50 ($25 with purchase of new shoes from Lucky Brake)

Below are clients receiving fittings on road and mountain bikes





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