2021 Group Leaders:  Kyle Seegers

Distance: 25-40 miles Route: Join us to familiarize yourself with our “No Drop” ride. This group splits into  A, B,C rides. Stay tuned! 

Time: 7:15am (Prep your bike to ride, air pressure/basic safety check)

Roll Out: 7:30am sharp Pace: “Fast… Fast enough & Beginner Friendly”. says Andy M. NO DROP/NO CHASE – This means we won’t leave riders behind and if riders choose to ride off the front, we won’t chase you down to keep you on course.So familiarize yourself with the routes by being present each ride and tracking by Strava or Garmin GPS.

Pre-Ride Prep: Eat & hydrate – Road side repair & helmets are required. Road, Cross & Tri bikes with drop bars should be your bike of choice for this ride.  Group rides require skill, patience & awareness.  So please be prepared to ride as a group, stop and re group if we get separated at intersections and help a fellow rider with road side repair.

For ride updates, weather cancellations & to post fun ride pics, join our Facebook group: Lucky Brake Group Rides

Rider Safety and the Rules of the Road

Good times, great company and fitness are always our goals. However our number one priority is and always will be rider safety. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the road and cyclist safety informant from Ride Illinois.

We do our best to stay on schedule and the following apply for every ride:
Ride at your own risk. Weather Permitting. Signing in is greatly appreciated. Bathrooms available at Lucky Brake or Andy’s Restaurant.