Road bikes, are meant to be the sports car of the bicycle world: fast, aerodynamic, and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for an endurance bike for those rougher roads, an all out aerodynamic race bike, or a beginner bike for a good, fast, all around exercise, we have the road bike that will work for your needs.

Adventure and Gravel

Adventure and gravel bikes, are the utility knives of the bike world. Going out on a road ride, but want to hit some light single track trails? Want to do a cross country bikepacking trip? Want to race in that big gravel event? Adventure bikes have you covered with clearence for wider tires than a traditional road bike, and mounts for fenders and racks, these bikes are ready to do whatever you throw at it!


Want to get rowdy off-road? Mountain bikes have you covered. Whether it’s going down the side of a mountain on a full suspension bike, ripping through some fast cross country races, or just going to the local trails with some friends, there’s a mountain bike for you.

Active and Hybrid

Not looking for anything crazy fast, but want something you can get a good workout and still be comfortable? Active and Hybrid bikes, are for you! Active and Hybrid bikes, give you options. Active bikes give you the best of both worlds, a little faster than a cruiser, but a little more comfortable than a road bike, while Hybrids are going to give you just a little more upright positioning and an overall comfy ride.


Prepare for the latest in bicycle tech: E-bikes. Fitted with electric motors, these bikes will assist you up to speed and put the biggest smile on your face. Some models can get you up to speeds of 28 mph! All of our e-bikes are pedal assist only, which means you still ride it like a regular bike, but your effort is rewarded by the motor giving you that boost that you will crave after your first test ride. Stop in and ask about an e-bike today!